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About Me

Raymond Smyth

Composer * Lyricist * Music Arranger * Producer

Raymond J Smyth is a successful businessman, an accomplished musician, and songwriter. Since 1972 he has established and been a director of many and varied successful businesses.  He is particularly identified with the Irish music industry, Arts and Culture. 


At the early age of four years he learned to play the Accordion.  Before long he mastered the instrument.  Throughout the years he achieved many of the top awards in Ireland. 


In 1972 Raymond established his own Academy of Music in Dublin.  Through his academy, over a period of 25 years, thousands of children were taught Traditional Irish Music, Classical, contemporary and modern,


Raymond and his group Brogue performed worldwide.  He recalls fondly some notable highlights of his career.  In 1976 he was invited to perform at the American Bi-Centennial Celebrations in Philadelphia.  In 1980 he performed for Senators, Congressmen and their families at the prestigious Gaston Hall University in Washington DC.  He toured America and Canada on more than 20 occasions.


He made guest appearances on American television and was interviewed on radio regularly.  Raymond performed in Ireland’s National Concert Hall on many occasions.   He was the guest Artist on the 21st Anniversary of the Late Late Show – the longest running television chat show in the world. 


He composed and performed the Irish Music for the Yorkshire Television series ‘Stay Lucky’ featuring Dennis Waterman and Niall Tobin. 


In 1980 Raymond established his own independent Record Company.  He produced over 150 albums for Irish artists.  The albums were distributed worldwide. 


As a songwriter, Raymond has won many of the top awards Internationally.  He won the Benelux International Song Contest in Holland, The Florida International Song Contest in Jacksonville, Fl., and the prestigious Unisong International Song Contest in California.    Internationally, he has represented Ireland in England, Chech Republic and Sweden. 


He has been a finalist in Eurosong, Ireland’s National Song Contest, on three occasions and won it in 2000.  Raymond represented Ireland with ‘Millennium of Love’ in the Eurovision Song Contest which was held in Stockholm Sweden.  The song achieved 6th place.  This is the highest position Ireland has achieved for 25 years.  In 2005 Raymond served on the Irish National Jury for the 50th celebration of the Eurovision Song Contest.  He was also appointed Chairman of the Irish Jury for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.   


In 1999 he won the Cavan International Song Contest, with his song ‘I'll never let you go’ performed by Girl Talk.  Raymond’s many compositions have been recorded and performed by artists both in Ireland, America and South America.  In Ireland, Crystal Swing and Ger Timmons have released videos of Raymond’s Country Music compositions.


In 2013 Raymond recorded his first, critically acclaimed, solo album, ‘I’m an Irishman’.   This album encapsulates the many varied aspects of Raymond’s talent and his lifetime commitment to the love of Irish music, with his unique compositions.  


In 2015 Raymond recorded his second solo album ‘The Lament for 1916’.  The album comprises a refreshing and exciting collection of deep and meaningful newly composed ballads with powerful lyrics and music.  Raymond’s love of traditional Irish music is revealed in his new compositions of jigs, reels, and hornpipes. 

‘Naggin’ Biddy’ is a heart warming, foot tapping contemporary composition  – with a modern arrangement.

Raymond is a passionate songwriter and composer.  He writes captivating music and lyrics that encapsulates every emotion of life. 

Goodbye my Son, and the Land of Green and Gold are beautiful emotional stories of bygone years ..... but never forgotten. 

The Lament for 1916 suite is a soul-stirring, emotionally uplifting interpretation of patriotic pride and sadness.  

Haunting orchestral performances of Mo Chroi Bhriste and When Love is Gone are sensual musical compositions of love and sadness. 


His creative talents and his ability to pen music in all genres – be it modern, pop, folk, country or Irish continues to lead him down new and exciting roads of creative discovery.   

Crystal Swing's Mary Burke releases

'Fool for loving you'  - composed by Raymond J Smyth

Gerard Timmons  releases

'Springtime love'  - composed by Raymond J Smyth

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